MARINUS DE JONG (1891-1984): Violin Sonata "Pacis, Doloris et Amoris", Op. 18, Gaudeamus & Meditatio for Violin and Piano, Op. 8, Solo Piano: Piano Sonata No. 3, Op. 31, Magic of Spring, Op. 176, Nocturno "The Mangled Flower", Op. 4, Valse-Caprice, Op. 13, Valse-Impromptu polytonale, 2 √Čtudes, Op. 55.

Catalogue Number: 05L086

Label: Phaedra

Reference: 92061

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: De Jong's late Romantic language is often inflected by Gregorian and other chuch modes, as in the 1927 violin sonata and the 1934 piano sonata, the two largest-scale pieces here (and, not surprisingly, in the Gaudeamus et Meditatio of 1923). The remaining short pieces comprise two polyrhythmic etudes, two waltzes and a very late romantic idyll. Ning Kam (violin), Jozef de Beenhouwer (piano).


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