KARL MICHAEL KOMMA (b.1913): Abendphantasie for Large Orchestra, Metamorphosen - Concerto for Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 05L092

Label: Antes Edition

Reference: BM-CD 31.9219

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: Abendphantasie is a five-movement work of symphonic proportions inspired by Hölderlin's poem of the same title. The poem is a meditation on a life, reflective at the beginning, resigned and finally tranquil at the end, with disquiet and agitation in the middle sections. Komma's piece is not programmatic, but follows this outline, with a tempestuous central movement approached and withdrawn from in a mood of more philosophical reflection before and after. Bartók is an influence, and by the composer's own admission, Hindemith (from an early age); the language is broadly tonal throughout. Metamorphosen, from 10 years later, the composer's 90th year, piece sets up the customary contrasts between sections and tutti for textural contrast, while a constant metamorphosis of thematic material justifies the title. The harmonic vocabulary is the same middle-European mid-century slightly conservative tonality-based one with which the composer grew up and with which he plainly feels at home, employed with the eloquence of long familiarity and experience. Württembergische Philharmonie Reutlingen; Roberto Paternostro, Norichika Iimori (Metamorphosen).


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