ANN MILLIKAN (b.197?): Ballad Nocturne for Piano and Chamber Orchestra, Trilhas de Sombra for Orchestra, Landing Inside the Inside of an Animal for Orchestra.

Catalogue Number: 05L107

Label: Innova

Reference: 713

Format: CD

Price: $14.98

Description: Millikan's orchestral pieces are tonal and entirely approachable, with a quirky individuality and a sense of vernacular communication, perhaps derived from her years as a jazz performer before devoting herself to composed music. The Ballad-Nocturne, with its florid solo piano part effortlessly blends tonal neo-romanticism and blues expressive with the modal harmonies of jazz. Shadow Trails is a three-movement musical fantasia, based on a fantasy story written for the composer's niece. With its unusual instrumentation and inventive sonorities, the piece is evocative and highly colorful, based in tonality with lively excursions into whatever sonic effects are implied by the narrative. Landing is 'a story of initiation'. It begins in agitated swirling textures and fanfares, passes through a chaotic assault and moments of melodic repose and culminates in hectically exuberant, celebratory dances, notably a vigorous samba. Emanuele Arciuli (piano), Bulgarian National Radio Symphony Orchestra; Grigor Palikarov.


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