ROB ZUIDAM (b.1964): Adam-Interludes, MARC-ANDRÉ DALBAVIE (b.1961): La source d'un regard, PAUL DUKAS (1865-1935): La plainte, au loin, du faune... (orch. Geert van Keulen [b.1943]), OLIVIER MESSIAEN (1908-1992): Les offrandes oubliées, Chronochromie.

Catalogue Number: 05L120

Label: RCO Live

Reference: RCD 09003

Format: CD

Price: $20.98

Description: This tribute to Messiaen opens with van Keulen's orchestration of a piano piece by Dukas, written in memory of Debussy, which in orchestral guise extends the Debussy references of the original into a very convincing piece of 'spare' Debussy. Messiaen is represented by his colorful, relatively conventional yet subtly innovative trilogy Offrandes from 1930 and by contrast, the highly advanced and avant-gardiste-influencing Chronochromie with its complex blend of birdsongs and rhythmically complicated counterpoint. Dalbavie's work makes reference to Messiaen's coloristic harmony, but mainly concentrates on an extended, archaic-sounding melody presented in a shimmering spectral mist suggesting a primitive formlessness predating the rituals of Stravinsky's Rite or Messiaen's Easter Island statues. Zuidam's Adam-Interludes are extracted from his unfinished opera, Adam in Exile. They occupy an exotic soundworld, while remaining grounded in a harmonically rich, essentially romantic vocabulary with impressionistic shadings. Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra; George Benjamin, Ingo Metzmacher (Zuidam).


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