JOHAN HALVORSEN (1864-1935): Orchestral Works, Vol. 3 - Symphony No. 3 in C, Fossegrimen, Op. 21, Bergensiana, Wedding March, Op. 32/1, Black Swans, Wedding of Ravens in the Grove of the Crows.

Catalogue Number: 05M003

Label: Chandos

Reference: 10664

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: As with previous issues, the symphony is in a new edition by Jørn Fossheim and, in addition to clearing up the usual jumble of sources and manuscripts, this one restores the glockenspiel Halvorsen originally put in the finale but then deleted before the work was performed. Also, as always, the notes are copious (over 9 pages) and a separate note by the Hardanger fiddle player in Fossegrimen is included. This suite also includes the seven-minute long Danse visionaire which Halvorsen replaced because he had recycled it from an 1898 piece of stage music and which is not included in the complete Fossegrimen which we offered some years ago on Simax. Also, there are two world premieres: Black Swans is one of dozens of short orchestral works which Halvorsen composed between 1919-29 for the chamber-sized orchestra which replaced the National Theatre Orchestra of which he was director of music. Halvorsen used multiple pseudonyms for these and then, after his retirement, he burned almost all of them (!). Wedding was one of his first orchestral pieces, from 1891, based on a folksong written down in 1647. Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra; Neeme Järvi.


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