MELANIE BONIS (1858-1937): Barcarolle in E Flat, Op. 71, La cathédrale blessée, Op 107, Il pleut, Op. 102, Romance sans paroles, Op. 56, Ballade, Op. 27, Eglogue, Op. 12, Étude de concert, Op. 136, Echo, Op. 89, Narcisse, Op. 90, Marionnetes, Op. 42, Prélude, Op. 51, Le Songe de Cléopâtre, Op. 180/1 for Piano Four Hands (Jan Vermeulen), Mélisande, Op. 34, Desdémona, Op. 101, Salomé, Op. 100, Ophélie, Op. 165, Dolorosa, Op. 138, Impromptu, Op. 1, Cloches lointaines, Op. 121.

Catalogue Number: 05M042

Label: Etcetera

Reference: KTC 1422

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: Bonis had a soap opera-type life and her music, generally dark-tinged, intense, with the feeling of strong emotions well contained but bubbling under the surface, is grounded in the late 19th century Romantic piano tradition but her later works move into a more personal style, informed by Impressionism. La cathédrale is her 1915 response to the German shelling of Rouen Cathedral the year before while the series of portraits of famous fictional females is full of the kind of vivid and subtle tone-painting which will come as a pleasant surprise to collectors who aren't well acquainted with Bonis. Veerle Peeters (piano).


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