KAREN TANAKA (b.1961): Crystalline I & II, Water Dances I-III, Techno Etudes I-III, Northern Lights, Lavender Field, 8 pieces from Children of Light.

Catalogue Number: 05M088

Label: 2L

Reference: 74

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The crystalline, glittering sound world of Tanaka's piano pieces initially derived from Messiaen's distinctive piano style and from the awareness of sound and harmonic refinement gained from her studies in Paris with Tristan Murail; this is most strongly evident in the two Crystalline pieces of 1988 and 1995-6. This was easily adapted for the machine-like drive of the three Techno Studies of 1999 whose repetitive, hypnotic patterns evoke both an intense flux as well as a timeless, infinite landscape. The 2008 Water Dances are softer, they shimmer rather than glitter, taking their inspiration both from "water pieces" by early 20th century French composers and from American minimalism. Signe Bakke (piano). 2L SACD hybrid


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