GEORGY CATOIRE (1861-1926): Piano Concerto, Op. 21, PERCY SHERWOOD (1866-1939): Piano Concerto No. 2 in E Flat.

Catalogue Number: 05N003

Label: Dutton Epoch

Reference: CDLX 7287

Format: CD

Price: $19.98

Description: A member of the Tchaikovsky-Arensky axis rather than the Russian National school, Catoire provides a remarkable concerto. Its first movement is almost a separate work - a formally complex, 18-minute theme-and-variations, followed by a romantically cantabile slow movement and bravura finale whose seemingly guaranteed triumphal conclusion actually ends ambivalently. Tchaikovsky is the starting point for the concerto but you'll also find plenty of Rachmaninov and Scriabin in it as well; Catoire was quite up-to-date with modern developments. Sherwood was born in Dresden to an English professor father and German mother and didn't move to England until forced to by the outbreak of World War One. Once there, he continued to compose (five symphonies!) but was utterly ignored by his countrymen due to the conservative style of his music. This concerto (1933) could have been written 50-60 years earlier but today we can enjoy a poetic and affecting score with light orchestration and effective piano writing. Hiroaki Takenouchi (piano), Royal Scottish National Orchestra; Martin Yates.


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