ALESSANDRO SCARLATTI (1660-1725): La Colpa, Il Pentimento, La Grazia (Mechthild Bach, Petra Geitner [sopranos], Kai Wessel [alto]), ALESSANDRO STRADELLA (1644-1682): Lamentatione per il Mercordi Santo, Crocifissioine e Morte di Nostro Signore Giesù Cristo (Wessel [alto]).

Catalogue Number: 05N018

Label: Capriccio

Reference: C 5126

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: This 1708 oratorio (a different recording was offered by us in June 2004 on Harmonia Mundi - 06F017) paraphrases the Lamentations of Jeremiah, later weaving in the details of the Passion of Christ. Scarlatti responded with a rich orchestration including four trumpets, trombone and a varied continuo which goes a long way toward evoking the mournful "theatre of sorrow" atmosphere which is broken only occasionally by the brighter contributions of La Grazia. 22 minutes of chamber-music-like Stradella - a cantata capturing the moment of Christ's death on the Cross and setting of the Lamentation for Wednesday of Holy Week - are otherwise unavailable on disc. 2 CDs. Italian-English texts. La Stagione; Michael Schneider. Original 1992 release.


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