FREDERICK SCOTSON CLARK (1840-1883): March aux Flambeaux, Chorus of Angels, Roman March, Gavotte Française, Pilgrims' March, Menuet à la Pompadour, Melodies in A and in D, Grand Offertoire in G, Marche des Jacobins, Douce Pensée, Commemoration March, Gavotte de la Dauphine, Vienna March, Magnificat, Marche Hollandaise, Improvisation in G, Russian March, Meditation in B Flat, Festal March.

Catalogue Number: 05N043

Label: Pro Organo

Reference: CD 7258

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: A 75-minute shameless wallow in "high Victorian" organ music which, in our modern times, is considered to be in execrable taste, full of cloying sweetness and sentimentality. This exceedingly enjoyable lapse in judgement is perpetrated on a fine example of a four-manual Victorian organ - "period" repertoire on a "period" instrument! Thomas Heywood (Father Willis organ of St. Michael's Church, Tenbury, England).


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