Delius and his Circle

FREDERICK DELIUS (1862-1934): Three preludes, Intermezzo from Hassan (transcr. Peter Warlock), Valse, RĂªverie, Dance, ROGER QUILTER (1877-1953): Dance in the twilight, Op. 16/1, Shepherd song, Op. 27/1, Rosamund, Pipe and tabor, Op. 27/4, CYRIL SCOTT (1879-1970): Lotus land, Op. 47/1, ARNOLD BAX (1883-1953): The maiden with the daffodil, PERCY GRAINGER (1882-1961): The merry king, E.J. MOERAN (1894-1950): Irish love song, Summer valley, Bank holiday, NORMAN O'NEILL (1875-1934): Carillon, PETER WARLOCK (1894-1930): 5 folk-song preludes, HENRY BALFOUR GARDINER (1877-1950): Mere.

Catalogue Number: 05N053

Label: Stone Records

Reference: 5060192780130

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Piano music by Delius and nine other composers who were friends for most of his life and who often visited him in his French home in Grez. Delius' own piano pieces are hardly ever heard or recorded yet there is no question to whom you're listening from the very first note. Austin's Spanish-flavored diptych, O'Neill's evocation of bells and Balfour Gardiner's extrovert piece - the longest single piece here at six minutes - named after a village on the Salisbury plain, are available nowhere else. Paul Guinery (piano).


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