SALVATORE SCIARRINO (b.1947): Le stagioni artificiali for Violin and Instruments (Marco Rogliano [violin]), Centauro marino for Quintet (Ciro Longobardi [piano]), Studi per l'intonazione del mare for Voice, 4 Flutes, 4 Saxophones, Percussion, Orchestra of 100 Flutes, Orchestra of 100 Saxophones (Daniel Gloger [contraltista], Mario Caroli, Matteo Cesare, Chrissy Dimitriou, Keiko Murakami [flutes], Lost Cloud Quartet, Jonathan Faralli [percussion]).

Catalogue Number: 05N066

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33917

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Those accustomed to the idea that Sciarrino's music consists almost exclusively of tiny, breathlike filaments of sound may find Studi a bit of a shock. The subtle attention to microscopic acoustical phenomena is here, as always, but when the orchestras of 100 flutes and 100 saxophones (actually about 70 and 80 respectively in this live recording) are unleashed in rare tutti, the torrent of sound is like nothing else on earth. Mostly, though, the ensemble is restricted to the customary rustlings and evanescent, insubstantial textures as a backdrop to the highly ornamented voice part and the foreground articulated patterns of the solo groups. The evocation of vast air masses, waters, rain, vapours and clouds is compelling; this organic nature music provides a background to a celebration of St Francis of Assisi. Descriptive nature-music is also central to Le stagioni, with its droplets and breaths etched upon a continuum of silence. The violent piano clusters and runs of the brief Centauro project a rough, animal energy, shockingly leaping out of the complex, textured background. Algoritmo; Marco Angius.


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