RORY BOYLE (b.1951): Sonata, Arrivals and Departures, Reeling, Capriccio on the Anniversary of a Beloved Master, Studies for the one in the middle, Tatty's Dance, Phaethon's Dancing Lesson (Piano Trio No. 2).

Catalogue Number: 05N068

Label: Delphian

Reference: DCD34098

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: "This varied and compelling collection shows (Boyle) to be a composer of considerable range and depth. A Scottish pupil of Lennox Berkeley, his music has a certain Gallic sensibility - Ravel was one of Berkeley's teachers - and even stronger Russian tendencies; Stravinsky is an acknowledged influence. There is a craggy, northern quality to this music that is occasionally reminiscent of Kenneth Leighton, an Englishman who spent much of his working life in Scotland. There is also a stylistic similarity to some of James MacMillan's chamber works." - David Jennings - Almost omnipresent is a virile rhythmic energy with a forever forward-driving momentum, even in the more lyrical passages. James Willshire (piano), Bartholdy Trio.


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