HOUTAF KHOURY (b.1967): Mirror of Eternity for Flute and Orchestra, YEVHEN STANKOVYCH (b.1942): Chamber Symphony No. 3, ARAM KHACHATURIAN (1903-1978): Flute Concerto.

Catalogue Number: 05N082

Label: Nimbus

Reference: NI 6168

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Khoury's concerto is an appealing, tonal work, with a constantly present flavor of middle-eastern modality (the composer is from Lebanon, and the piece has a socio-philosophical program of sorts, about the place of the individual in Arabic society). A brooding first movement, full of long-breathed, beautiful melodies for the soloist, is mirrored in the finale - fatalistic and resigned more than desolate - while the central movement is a lively dance, depicting material pleasures. Stankovych's Chamber Symphony - a flute concerto in all but name - consists of two tough, propulsive movements based on an insistent rhythmic cell, interrupted by islands of ethereal, static melodic material, followed by a third that brings the two elements together. The vocabulary is tonal aside from a few grindingly dissonant 'special effects' here and there. Wissam Boustany (flute), National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine; Volodymyr Sirenko.


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