JÖRG WIDMANN (b.1973): Violin Concerto, Insel der Sirenen for Violin and 19 Strings, Antiphon for Orchestral Groups.

Catalogue Number: 05O089

Label: Ondine

Reference: ODE 1215-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: The concerto is an intense, concentrated work in one continuous span, that in its incessant solo melody, full of challenging double stops and precipitous intervallic leaps, recalls the Sibelius, though its extraordinary degree of motivic concentration and development suggests the Finnish master's very last works. The work's unyielding sense of brooding pessimism shares some affinity with Pettersson; its constant treading on or beyond the treacherous boundaries of tonality, while never quite losing sight of solid ground, has not a little in common with the final throes of late romanticism, before the embrace of dodecaphony. A very few amorphous sonorist gestures in the orchestra add potency to the expressionist atmosphere but only serve to throw the darkly glowing emotional thread of the solo line into higher relief, never obscuring it. Antiphon was written the following year - 2007-08. As the name suggests, it consists of striking oppositions between starkly contrasting material. The basic vocabulary is similar to that of the concerto, but the sense of inexorable, organic process has been intentionally replaced by abrupt juxtaposition, making the music, much of it related to the strident opening fanfare, sound harsher and more abrupt than it actually is. "Isle of the Sirens" dates from a decade earlier, and here we find the young composer investigating the timbres and textures of the avant garde of the time, with dense sonorities, extremes of register and tones on the border of noise, somewhat reminiscent of Lachenmann. Christian Tetzlaff (violin), Swedish Radio Symphony Orchestra; Daniel Harding.


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