JESS TURNER (b.1983): Rumpelstilzchen, STEVEN BRYANT (b.1972): Concerto for Piano and Wind Orchestra, FRANCISCO JOSÉ MARTÍNEZ GALLEGO (b.1969): La Concepción 1910, DONALD WHITE (b.1921): Miniature Set, CARTER PANN (b.1972): Hold this Boy and Listen, JUSTIN FREER (b.1980): Rio's Convergence, BRETT WILLIAM DIETZ (b.1972): Sasei Fanfare.

Catalogue Number: 05O093

Label: GIA

Reference: CD-894

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Bryant's concerto begins with an extended piano solo that establishes the interval set on which the work is based, then quickly evolves into lushly harmonized rippling, undulating textures. The second movement is a Bernsteinian romp full of syncopation. The Turner illustrates three episodes from the folk tale in music of lively, ostinato-driven propulsive energy in the outer movements, with a mysterious, atmospheric nocturne n between. 'La Concepción 1910' is a musical portrait of a place in the composer's home town in Spain, evoking the landscape and celebrating the life of the village in lively dances and wistful melodies. White's work is an attractive little suite of five contrasting movements, each emphasizing a specific texture, rhythm or mood. Dietz' piece is a jazzy, minimalistic fanfare, while Pann's is a gentle song-like lullaby and Freer's a lively, ebullient, outdoorsy picture of the cascading waters of the Rio Grande. Pamela Mia Paul (piano), North Texas Wind Symphony; Eugene Migliaro Corporon.


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