Treasures from the Dresden Hofkapelle

GIUSEPPE BRESCIANELLO (c.1690-1758): Sinfonia in D, JOHANN GEORG PISENDEL (1687-1755): Sonata in C Minor, JOHANN ADOLPH HASSE (1699-1783): Sinfonia in D from Demofoonte, JOHANN FRIEDRICH FASCH (1688-1758): Overtürensuite in F, ANTONIO CALDARA (c.1670-1736): Sinfonia in C, GIOVANNI BATTISTA SAMMARTINI (1700/01-1775): Sinfonia in A from Memet, GEORGE FRIDERIC HANDEL (1685-1759): Overture to the Occasional Oratorio.

Catalogue Number: 05P026

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 782-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Like the above release, this one is also sourced from a single archive - a cabinet in the Dresden Hofkapelle which was unopened from a century until around 1860 and whose contents are only being seriously studied now. These are all orchestral works, with several three-movement symphonies, Hasse's being the closest to Classical style. Why the Handel? It's got two extra movements and a pair of flutes, all added by Pisendel. Dresden Baroque Orchestra.


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