ANDREI GOLOVIN (b.1950): Light Unapproachable: Symphony No. 4 (Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra; Andrei Golovin), Concerto-Symphony for Viola and Cello with Orchestra (Symphony No. 1) (Mikhail Bereznitsky [viola], Alexander Rudin [cello], Moscow Conservatoire Concert Symphony Orchestra; Anatoly Levin), Canzone for Cello and String Orchestra (Musica Viva Chamber Orchestra; Rudin [cello and conductor]).

Catalogue Number: 05Q010

Label: Toccata Classics

Reference: TOCC 0264

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: The two recent works here, Light Unapproachable (whose title clues the knowledgable to the symphony's connection with Orthodox liturgy) of 2013 and the Canzone of 2008, can be compared with the Baltic minimalism which uses successively moving or contrapuntally weaving motives made up of three or four pitches which create a sensation of endless melody but also with the slowly crescendoing and massive, deafening climaxes and succeeding slow decrescendos of the Georgian Kancheli. The germ cells of this style are present in the 1976 Concerto-Symphony which at the same time still adheres to neo-Romanticism.


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