FISHER TULL (1934-1994): Reflections on Paris, SERGE LANCEN (1922-2005): Rapsodie symphonique, FLORENT SCHMITT (1870-1958): Dionysiaques, Op. 62/1, DONALD GRANTHAM (b.1947): J'ai été au bal, EUGÈNE BOZZA (1905-1991): Ballade for Trombone and Winds (Jeremy Wilson [trombone]), GABRIEL FAURÉ (1845-1924): Chant funéraire (orch. Guillaume Balay [1889-1943], rev. Myron Moss [1952-2012]).

Catalogue Number: 05Q073

Label: Klavier

Reference: K 11205

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Tull's substantial suite of six linked movements offers impressions of Parisian landmarks in a lively, very tonal idiom with some very Bernsteinian gestures and lucid, inventive orchestration idiomatically conceived in terms of the wind orchestra vividly to evoke the history and atmosphere of the city's many facets. The Grantham is in a rather similar idiom, here evoking Cajun New Orleans with its folk tunes - two of which are used as source material - jazz and brass band traditions. The Fauré rarity, a late work commissioned for the centenary of Napoleon's death, is an appropriately solemn, calmly elegiac work of stately mourning. It is familiar music as the slow movement of the 2nd Cello Sonata, but in muted orchestral splendor it emerges as a work of even greater stature. The boldly extrovert Lancen, and the familiar Bozza (colorfully arranged by Sy Brandon) and Schmitt are standard wind-band fare; tonal, thoroughly appealing pieces. Vanderbilt University Wind Symphony; Thomas E. Verrier.


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