ROBERT RADECKE (1830-1911): Symphony in F, Op. 50, Overture Shakespeare’s King John, 2 Scherzi, Op. 52, Nachtstück, Op. 55.

Catalogue Number: 05R001

Label: CPO

Reference: 777 995-2

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: A product of the Leipzig Conservatory where his teachers included Moscheles, Ferdinand David and others, Radecke was an administrator and conductor (principally as music director of the Royal Opera in Berlin at Unter den Linden from 1863 to 1887) which left him increasingly little time to compose. We have four of his fourteen works for orchestra here, the symphony leading the way. That the first movement is so reminiscent of the lyrical and flowing mood of much of Schumann’s Rhenish symphony is surely because it was written in 1851 (by that date, Radecke was already acquainted with both Robert and Clara) and the other three composed in 1877. The scherzo is of the gossamer lightness of Mendelssohn, as is the first of the two scherzi published in 1888 but which dates from a period close to the symphony (the second scherzo, much sturdier, was taken from an unpublished symphony of 1855). Schumannesque also is the 1860 overture while the Nachstück (German for Notturno but sounding more like a slow-fast concert overture than a nocturnal serenade) dates from 1890 and is Radecke’s last orchestral work. A disc of his chamber music will appear on this label in the future. Biel Solothurn Symphony Orchestra; Kaspar Zehnder.


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