DOMENICO ZIPOLI (1688-1726): Complete Keyboard Music - Organ: Toccata in D Minor, Versi in D Minor, C, F, E Minor and G Minor, Canzone in D Minor, C, F, E Minor and G Minor, Pastorale in C, All’Elevazioni in F and in C, Al Post Communio in F, Transcription of Corelli’s Sonata, Op. 5/7 (Carlo Guandalino, organ of SS Peter and Paul, Castelnuovo Scrivia), Harpsichord: Suites in B Minor, G Minor, C and D Minor, Partite in C and A Minor (Laura Farabollini [harpsichord]).

Catalogue Number: 05R017

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 95212

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: Many of the 76 minutes worth of organ works are suitable for use at worship (like Zipoli’s best-known piece - the Pastorale) while the harpsichord pieces are structured as four‐ and five‐ movement dance suites, containing ornate preludes, reflective sarabandes and lively gavottes and gigues, with two more stately partitas, in C major and A minor. 2 CDs.


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