FRIEDRICH THEODOR FRÖHLICH (1803-1836): Complete String Quartets - No. 1 in F Minor, No. 2 in G Minor, No. 3 in E and No. 4 in C Minor.

Catalogue Number: 05R032

Label: CPO

Reference: 555 017-2

Format: CD

Price: $31.98

Description: Just six months ago, we offered a Musiques Suisses recording of the last three of these quartets (11R034) and now we get this new recording which adds another quartet from 1826, Fröhlich’s first. Needless to say, the Mendelssohnian and Schubertian echoes are present in this one also but there is something else to note: the new recording apparently takes all repeats in all of these works since the earlier recording timed just over 70 minutes for quartets 2-4 while this one breaks 95 minutes. Over to you... 2 CDs. Rasumowsky Quartet.


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