MARIE JAËLL (1846-1925): Complete Works for Piano, Vol. 2 - 18 Pièces d’après la lecture de Dante: Ce qu’on entend dans l’Enfer, Ce qu’on entend dans le Purgatoire and Ce qu’on entend dans le Paradis.

Catalogue Number: 05R037

Label: Querstand

Reference: VKJK 1510

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Just last month when six of these pieces appeared in that lavish three-disc+book Ediciones Singulares release, I was lamenting that we couldn’t hear more of these shockingly new pieces which rival late Liszt in their stripped-down simplicity, using a mere four notes from the Dies irae as the sum total of their material, the rest - evocations of Dante’s visions of Hell, Purgatory and Heaven - accomplished by variation, harmonic and rhythmic craftsmanship and melodic development. And here they all are! Hearing them all together also makes you think 50-60 years ahead to minimalism while also realizing their deep-level connections with French Impressionism. Cora Irsen (piano).


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