MYKOLA LYSENKO (1842-1912): Suite on Ukrainian Themes, Overture to the Opera Taras Bulba (arr. four hands Levko Revutsky), LEVKO REVUTSKY (1889-1977): Preludes, Op. 4/1-3 and Op. 7/1-2, Waltz, ALEXANDER ZHUK (1907-1995): Ukrainian Rhapsody, MYROSLAV SKORYK (b.1938): 3 Extravagant Dances for Piano Four Hands.

Catalogue Number: 05T042

Label: Sorel Classics

Reference: SC CD 011

Format: CD

Price: $15.98

Description: Lysenko’s six-number suite takes Ukrainian folk themes and fits them marvellously into the form of a baroque suite with the usual dance forms. Zhuk brings a Lisztian virtuosity to his six-minute Rhapsody. Revutsky’s pieces are Chopinesquely Romantic in style while Skoryk has great fun in his three showpieces based on Spanish music, blues and honky-tonk (!). Anna Shelest (piano), Dmitri Shelest (duo).


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