ANDREW HAMILTON (b.1977): To The People for Soprano and Percussion (Juliet Fraser [soprano], Maxime Echardou [percussion]), music for people who like art for Voice and Ensemble (Michelle O’Rourke [soprano], Crash Ensemble; Alan Pierson), music for roger casement (Ives Ensemble).

Catalogue Number: 05T085

Label: NMC

Reference: D240

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Hamilton is essentially a post-minimalist with a very individual style. His music has the obsessive repetition of small cells with tiny incremental changes of ur-minimalism, coupled to the confrontational timbres of Louis Andriessen (with whom Hamilton studied) and a hard edged, fractured rhythmic structure. It is probably fair to suggest that anybody who finds minimalism difficult to take will probably find this absolutely intolerable; on the other hand if you feel that 'Romantic Minimalism lost its way, and are nostalgic for the good old days of Einstein on the Beach, then this will strike you as a refreshing take on a return to first principles. The 'music for' pieces take minute chord progressions (suddenly varied by completely different material abruptly inserted, blink and you'll miss it, with some obstreperously playful moments in 'art') and develop a frenetically driven, maddening tumult of activity. To The People might be subtitled 'Music for people who like Samuel Beckett' (the text is actually by Jean Baudrillard). Here the textures are extremely spare, the text delivered in monosyllables and tiny phrases to the accompaniment of elementary, repeated musical gestures.


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