JOHANN THEILE (1646-1724): Die Seele Christi heilige mich, Jesu mein Herr und Gott, Gott hilf mir, denn das Wasser gehet mire an die Seele, Ach, daß ich hören sollte, 3 instrumental sonatas, CHRISTIAN FLOR (1626-1697): Es ist gnug, Herr, Inter brachia Salvatoris mei, GREGOR ZUBER (c.1610-after1673): Suites in A Minor, G Minor and D Minor.

Catalogue Number: 05U016

Label: CPO

Reference: 555 132-2

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The first complete collection of all the extant cantatas by Theile, one of the last pupils of Schütz, for soprano solo with viol accompaniment, along with the recording premieres of sacred concertos by Theile’s fellow Northern German Flor and instrumental suites by the Gottorf violinist Zuber. German-English texts. Dorothée Mields (soprano), Hamburger Ratsmusik; Simone Eckert.


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