GEORG PHILIPP TELEMANN (1681-1767): Jesu, meine Freude, TWV: 1:966, JOHANN FRIEDRICH DOLES (1715-1797): Jesu, meine Freude, JOHANN SEBASTIAN BACH (1685-1750): Jesu, meine Freude, BWV 227, JOHANN LUDWIG KREBS (1713-1780): Jesu, meine Freude.

Catalogue Number: 05W026

Label: MD&G

Reference: 923 2207-6

Format: SACD hybrid

Price: $18.98

Description: Two first recordings: Telemann's cantata borrows from French opera, a strikingly short chorale line is followed by a virtuoso aria. The instrumentation is also virtuosic, for example when four recorders lend angelic sweetness to the "knocking" in the affettuoso of the soprano aria. The center is then a festively spread out 8-voice double chorus with fugue. Doles was apprenticed to Bach. With his fusion of masterly traditional chorale and gallant elegance, his motet hints at Viennese Classicism from afar. German texts. Ensemble BachWerkVocal; Gordon Safari.


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