ANDREAS HALLÉN (1846-1925): Missa Solemnis for Soloists, Choir, Organ, Piano and Celesta.

Catalogue Number: 05W044

Label: Swedish Society

Reference: SCD1178

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: In this hour-long work from 1922-23 “the organ is given the instrumental lead role, while the piano and the celesta are used to create rhythmically driving textures, or to add a brilliant sparkle to the organ sound. Hallén’s great experience from both the choral world and the opera world is noticeable in the vocal writing. The choir is used in a varied way, both homophonically and contrapuntally, while the soloists sing ensembles as well as solos and duets. Sometimes the soloists are used as a concertino group against the full chorus. The character of the music alternates between humble religiosity and operatic power, which creates a magnificent sacred choral work that has the potential to touch and enthuse an audience even a hundred years after the work was created.” - B Tommy Andersen - Conductor and Composer. Pia-Karin Helsing (soprano), Maria Forsström (alto), Conny Thimander (tenor), Andreas E. Olsson (bass), Erik Westberg Vocal Ensemble, Lars Nilsson (organ), James Jenkins (piano), Lars Sjöstedt (celesta).


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