STEPHAN ELMAS (1862-1937): Piano Sonatas 1-4.

Catalogue Number: 05Y018

Label: Solo Musica

Reference: SM423

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: A note from the performer: “The four Piano Sonatas of Stéphan Elmas are the masterpieces among his compositions, together with the piano concertos. As they were never performed until now, I dedicated time and effort to bring them to life. Making the premiere recording of these Sonatas is both a privilege and a responsibility. I am creating and sharing with the audience the first impression and image of this music. Therefore, it was quite difficult to make the right decisions about the narrative and architecture in the music. It took me almost two years until I was sure of my ideas, interpretation style, timing and intensity. All the sonatas have unbelievably beautiful melodic lines and heartbreaking harmonies. Listening to them and despite the fact that they are totally unknown, one says “somehow, that sounds familiar!”” Heghine Rapyan (piano).


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