FRANCISCO GUERRERO (1951-1997): Coma Berenices (Orquesta de Córdoba; Leo Brouwer), RAFAEL DIAZ (b.1943): Concierto Andaluz for Guitar and Orchestra (Carlos Cuéllar [guitar], Orquesta de Málaga; José Luis Temes), MANUEL CASTILLO (b.1927): Sinfonietta Homenaje (Orquesta "Ciudad de Granada"; Josep Pons).

Catalogue Number: 06I128

Label: Almaviva

Reference: DS 0129

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: These works were commissioned for the 50th anniversary of Falla's death by way of commemoration and to demonstrate the vitality of contemporary Andalusian music. Castillo's Sinfonietta explicitly evokes Falla stylistically and through the use of themes derived from Falla's. Diatonic and chromatic in turn, the work is atmospheric and colorful, in a familiar idiom that celebrates its national origins. Diaz, a composer of the following generation, departs considerably from the tradition, not least through his use of electronics to transform the sound of the solo guitar in his concerto, which is thus an exercise in tone-color, owing not a little to the Italian avant garde. Guerrero's work is based on fractal mathematics, with the interweaving of complex lines and dense textures that this suggests; the result of this complexity is of an intricately patterned yet block-like solidity, familiar to Xenakis enthusiasts.


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