FERDINAND RIES (1784-1838): Trio for Piano, Clarinet and Cello in G Minor, Op. 28, Sonate Sentimentale for Clarinet and Piano in E Flat, Op. 169, Clarinet Sonata in G Minor, Op. 29, LUDWIG VAN BEETHOVEN (1770-1827): Trio for Piano, Clarinet and Cello in E Flat, Op. 38 (from Septet, Op. 20), Gassenhauer Trio, Op. 11.

Catalogue Number: 06J040

Label: Brilliant Classics

Reference: 93684

Format: CD

Price: $10.98

Description: The Ries program is identical to a full-price cpo release of April 2006 - the op. 29 is a full-sized, 25-minute work from 1809, experimenting with sonata form in Ries\' original way, as he did in the 1810 trio whose four movements (including a scherzo) suggest the larger scale of sonata or string quartet. Dating from 1814 (but published much later), the second sonata was written on Ries\' honeymoon and is an elegant musical depiction of peace, happiness and equilibrium (as suggested by its French subtitle). 2 CDs. Vlad Weverbergh (clarinet), Jadranka Gasparovic (cello), Vasily Ilisavsky (piano), Benjamin Glorieux (cello - Beethoven).


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