BOHUSLAV MARTINU (1890-1959): String Trio No. 1, H. 136 (first recording), Musique de chambre No. 1 (Fêtes Nocturnes), H. 376, Piano Quartet, H. 287, String Quintet, H. 164.

Catalogue Number: 06K014

Label: Alpha

Reference: 143

Format: CD

Price: $24.98

Description: Until now, it was Martinu's second string quartet of 1925 which was considered his first major composition. But the String Trio No. 1, completed in January of 1924 and missing for over 80 years, is plainly his first masterpiece (needless to say, it is stylistically in line with the second quartet). The work was discovered in 2005 in the Royal Danish Library. Coupled with the 1927 string quintet and the 1942 piano quartet composed in on Long Island right before the Symphony No. 1, you have a summary of Martinu's mature period; the beautiful and evocative night music of the 1959 Musique de chambre inhabits another world. A 27-minute DVD (NTSC, region 0) documents the discovery, editing and recording of the string trio. 2 CDs + DVD. Ensemble Calioppée.


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