MARTIN-JOSEPH MENGAL (1784-1851): Grand Octuor for 6 Horns and 2 Trombones, LÉON DUBOIS (1859-1935): Octet for 8 Chromatic Horns.

Catalogue Number: 06K052

Label: Fuga Libera

Reference: FUG550

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: A horn lover's fantasy in the flesh (or metal): an attempt to reconstruct the "Royal Brussels Horn Sound" (i.e. of the teachers and students of the Royal Brussels Conservatory through the 19th century) using period instruments. Natural French horns are used in Mengal's, which dates from the years just before 1820 while the 1895 Dubois octet splits the players into two groups of four, each using three piston horns of the Gantois model and two of the Liégois (with a large bell and a particularly elongated form which plays in B flat in the alto register). Luc Bergé, Jeroen Billiet, Bart Cypers, Frank Clarysse, Mark De Merlier, Bart Indevuyst, Miek Laforce, Bert Vanderhoeft, Johan Van Neste (horns), Cunter Carlier, Joost Swinkels (trombones), Diederik De Rouck (conductor).


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