LUCIA RONCHETTI (b.1963): Schiffbruch mit Zuschauer for Orchestra, Pinocchio, una storia parallela for 4 Male Voices, Il sonno di Atys for Viola and Live Electronics.

Catalogue Number: 06K121

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33772

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: 'Shipwreck with spectator' is based on a spectral series, so much of the harmonic content is highly dissonant, but the composer achieves an organic development over a frequently perceptible steady pulse, almost ostinato-like, creating a work full of foreboding and menace, like a fragment of Pettersson, but much more dissonant than the original. The 'Parallel story' of Pinocchio refers to the Borgesian meta-literary conceit of the Italian writer Giorgio Manganelli, a complex, multifaceted construct based on a pre-existing work. Four voices sing and act in every conceivable vocal style, with considerable extended technique. 'The dream of Atys' expands the sounds of the viola through constant electronic transformation, producing a dark, subterranean soundscape and expanding the instrument's polyphonic possibilities through echo and repetitive treatment of the electronically treated sounds. Barbara Maurer (viola), Reinhold Braig (electronics), Neue Vocalsolisten Stuttgart, RSO Berlin; Roland Kluttig.


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