ROQUE CERUTI (1683-1760): Missa de Lima, Villancico "A cantar un villancico", FRAY ESTEBAN PONCE DE LÉON (1692-1750): Venid, Venid, Deidades, JOSÉ DE OREJÓN Y APARICIO (1705-1767): Villancico "Ah del Gozo", ANON.: Canción.

Catalogue Number: 06L029

Label: K617

Reference: 126

Format: CD

Price: $5.98

Description: The two big works are the mass by Ceruti, who brought to Peru with him in 1708 the Italianate style which was prevailing in Spain at the time; and the serenata Venid, Venid, which is an engaging allegory in which the towns of Arequipa and Cuzco fight over which was most important in a local prelate having become bishop. Spanish-French texts. Ensemble Louis Berger. (Overstock item - no back-orders)


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