Schumann: Original Versions - - - Period Instruments

ROBERT SCHUMANN (1810-1856): Violin Sonatas No. 1 in A Minor, Op. 105, No. 2 in D Minor, Op. 121 & No. 3 in A Minor, WoO 2, 3 Romanzen, Op. 94, WOLDEMAR BARGIEL (1828-1897): Violin Sonata in F Minor, Op. 10, JOSEPH JOACHIM (1831-1907): Romanze in C, CLARA SCHUMANN (1819-1896): 3 Romanzen, Op. 22.

Catalogue Number: 06L056

Label: Capriccio

Reference: 5040

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: Recordings of all Schumann's works for violin and piano on period instruments and using the latest editions - based solely on the original versions, using all metronome markings, repetitions, dynamics, articulation and phrasing where notated. Also of interest is the big Bargiel sonata from 1854 (which had its first recording on MD&G back in 1999). Distressed by the news of Schumann's recent committment to the mental asylum in Endenich, Bargiel poured out his soul in a passionately pathetic and gloomy work with themes of a Beethovenian intensity eased only slightly by second subjects of a Schumannian Romanticism. 2 CDs for the price of 1. Gudrun Schaumann (violin), Christoph Hammer (1836 Streicher fortepiano).


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