ZYGMUNT NOSKOWSKI (1846-1909): Orchestral Works, Vol. 2 - Symphony No. 2 in C Minor "Elegiac", Commemorative Sounds, Variations in E Minor on an Original Theme.

Catalogue Number: 06M002

Label: Sterling

Reference: CDS-1093-2

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Maybe I'm just getting easy but this symphony had the same refreshing and invigorating impact as our cover item two months ago, Dohnanyi's youthful symphony. Written between 1875-79, it is a response to the failed anti-Czarist January Uprising of 1863 (when you're Polish and you don't have a country, 12 years is like yesterday). Although the notes suggest that a somber, minor-key atmosphere is the dominant element, the cut-and-thrust of the outer movements (the finale ending optimistically with a quotation from the Polish "national anthem") is riveting and vitalizing while the second movement scherzo, in krakowiak rhythm, is a close cousin to Dvor├ík's and Brahms' national dances and the third movement Elegy is solemn without being despairing. The couplings are short: an 11-minute set of Commemorative Sounds (1904-05) being four popular Polish songs and two other ones of uncertain origin, colorfully orchestrated, and an early (before 1883, possible much before) eight-minute set of variations. Polish Radio Orchestra, Warsaw; Lukasz Borowicz.


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