CARLO GRAZIANI (?-1787): Sonatas for Cello and Continuo in A "Li viagio da Berlino a Breslavia con l'affettuosa recevuta di S.A.R.", in A, Op. 3/2, in B Minor, Op. 2/3, in G, Op. 3/1, in D, in D, Op. 3/5, Capriccio in C for Solo Cello.

Catalogue Number: 06M036

Label: Arcana

Reference: A 362

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: A 1995 Olympia disc was reissued on a label called SanCtus in 2008 (12K029) containing all six Opus 3 sonatas performed on modern instruments. Highly virtuosic, demanding the ultimate in contemporary playing technique while also being suffused with Italianate warmth and charm, half of the Op. 3 pieces are coupled with other unrecorded works and they all benefit here from the sound of period instruments. Gaetano Nasillo (cello), Luca Guglielmi (harpsichord), Sara Bennici (continuo cello).


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