CHARLES GOUNOD (1818-1893): Requiem, Messe Chorale.

Catalogue Number: 06M048

Label: Mirare

Reference: MIR 129

Format: CD

Price: $20.98

No Longer Available

Description: Gounod wrote 22 masses of varying length in his long career and these two late examples, from 1891 and 1888 respectively, show two different sides of his style. In the reform style championed by Charles Bordes, the Messe Chorale was written for a beatification ceremony in strict Palestrinan style while the Requiem is a highly personal response to the death of Gounod's five-year-old grandson in 1889. Intimate, chromatic and emotional, it is plainly the forerunner of the requiems of Fauré, Duruflé and Poulenc. Charlotte Müller-Perrier (soprano), Valérie Bonnard (alto), Christophe Einhorn (tenor), Christian Immler (bass), Ensemble Vocal et Instrumental de Lausanne; Michel Corboz.


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