JEAN SIBELIUS (1865-1957): Edition, Vol. 12 - Symphony No. 1 in E Minor, Op. 39, Symphony No. 2 in D, Op. 43, Symphony No. 3 in C, Op. 52, Symphony No. 4 in A Minor, Op. 63, Symphony No. 5 in E Flat, Op. 82 (Original 1915 version), Symphony No. 5 in E Flat, Op. 82 (final 1919 version), Symphony No. 6, Op. 104, Symphony No. 7 in C, Op. 105, World Premiere Recordings from Manuscripts: from Symphony No. 1: 1st Movement, bars 1-40, 2nd Movement, bars 1-56, Scherzo (complete), Finale, 35 bars starting at W and final 54 bars, from Symphony No. 2: 1st Movement, bars 1-54, 2nd Movement, 62 bars starting at D, from Symphony No. 3: 1st Movement, bars 1-32 and, from a different manuscript, bars 1-44, 2nd Movement (complete), from Symphony No. 4: 2nd Movement (complete), Finale, bars 1-59, from Symphony No. 7: first alternative ending starting from Y, second alternative ending starting from Y.

Catalogue Number: 06M057

Label: BIS

Reference: CD-1933/35

Format: CD

Price: $59.98

Description: The highlight here is the 49:32 fifth CD of First Recordings (made in late 2010) of unrecorded fragments and early versions of movements from five of the symphonies. A fine-print four-page section of the booklet contains a list which is not exhaustive but which is representative of the changes between these and the final versions (with timing points and descriptions of the differences in orchestration, tempo, etc.). 5 CDs for the price of 3. Lahti Symphony Orchestra; Osmo Vänskä, Jaakko Kuusisto (world premieres).


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