Celibidache - Unusual repertoire from the RIAS archive

HEINZ TIESSEN (1887-1971): Symphony No. 2, Op. 17 "Stirb und Werbe", Salambo Suite, Op. 34a, Hamlet Suite, Op. 30 (RSO Berlin; Oct. 7, 1957), REINHARD SCHWARZ-SCHILLING (1904-1985): Introduction and Fugue for String Orchestra (Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra; April 11, 1949), HARALD GENZMER (1909-2007): Flute Concerto (Gustav Scheck [flute], BPO; Dec. 9, 1950), PAUL HINDEMITH (1895-1963): Piano Concerto (Gerhard Puchelt [piano], BPO; Sept. 5, 1949), FERRUCCIO BUSONI (1866-1924): Violin Concerto, Op. 35a (Siegfried Borries [violin], BPO; May 5, 1949), AARON COPLAND (1900-1990): Appalachian Spring (BPO; April 4, 1950), GEORGE GERSHWIN (1898-1937): Rhapsody in Blue (Puchelt [piano], RIAS Symphony Orchestra; Oct. 20, 1948), MAURICE RAVEL (1875-1937): Rapsodie espagnole (BPO; Oct. 14, 1948), LUIGI CHERUBINI (1760-1842): Overture to Anacreon (BPO; March 7, 1949).

Catalogue Number: 06M096

Label: Audite

Reference: 21.406

Format: CD

Price: $28.98

Description: The next volume of original master tapes from the old RIAS archive in Berlin! From our blurb in March 2001 (03C009): "Regarded during the 1920s as one of Germany's leading and most original young composers, Tiessen ... vanished almost without trace as the ethos of Expressionism and Neue Sachlichkeit, suppressed by the Nazis, became regarded as old-fashioned after the war and were swept aside by the burgeoning wave of Darmstadt. The symphony (1912) is a half-hour-long, single-movement work to be experienced as a continuous flow of emotion, leading through struggles and passions to the climax of life - a Straussian program if there ever was one. The Hamlet incidental music dates from 1919-22 and features a stormy prelude leading into a gentle oboe melody depicting Ophelia and then a return to the storm and a slow funeral march while the Salambo music (1922 but distilled into this suite in 1956) is deeply rooted in polyphony yet with dissonant harmonies and a passionate intensity. Three of these works were performed in the late 1950s by the Berlin Philharmonic under Tiessen's most loyal pupil - Sergiu Celibidache." And here they are! Along with two other 20th century German compositions and pieces one probably doesn't associate Celibidache with these days...


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