GIAN FRANCESCO MALIPIERO (1882-1973): Violin Concerto No. 2, Flute Concerto, Rispetti e Strambotti, Symphony No. 6 "Degli archi".

Catalogue Number: 06N006

Label: Stradivarius

Reference: STR 33889

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: The two concertos are World Premiere Recordings and both are late works, from 1963 and 1967-68 respectively. The former contrasts chromatic writing for the soloist with diatonic orchestral material and has little thematic repetition. The flute concerto alternates this style with motif-based composition in its four short movements. The longest piece here is the string orchestra version of Rispetti, which originated in 1920 as Malipiero's String Quartet No. 1. The symphony (1947), in four movements, recalls the Baroque concerto in form and in style. Francesco Parrino (violin), Stefano Parrino (flute), Orchestra della Provincia di Catanzaro "La Grecia"; Francesco De Mauro.


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