MICHEL CORRETTE (1707-1795): Messe à 2 voix égales à la usage des Dames Religieuses.

Catalogue Number: 06N030

Label: Editions Hortus

Reference: 047

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

No Longer Available

Description: This is another one of those recreations of something as it might have been heard sometime, using the ordinary of the mass (by Corrette, 1788), versions of plain-song Introit, Gradual and Communion by Guillalume Gabriel Nivers (1632-1714), four organ pieces and a Domine salvum fac Regen (also by Corrette). Stylistically, Corrette's music ranges from French Baroque to the popular style (the Domine salvum imitates a musette). Catherine Greuillet, Emmanuelle Martin, Julie Robard (sopranos), Damien Colcomb (historic Parisot organ of the Mondaye Abbey, Calvados), Le Concert des Dames;  Frédéric Bourdin.


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