SIGISMUND THALBERG (1812-1871): Songs: Träumen und wachen, Op. 11/6, Der Wanderer, Op. 8/2, Die Unglückliche, Op. 29/4, Der Reitersmann, Op. 8/6, Der tote Müller, Op. 13/2, Fröhliches Scheiden, Op. 8/4, Warum?, Op. 30/6, Der Traum, Op. 29/2, Im Dunkeln, Op. 13/6, Sommernacht, Op. 29/5, Heimlicher Schmerz, Op. 25/2, Abreise, Op. 8/3, Wanderes Liebesschmerz Nos. 1 & 2, Op. 30/4 & 5, Des Jägers Haus, Op. 13/1, Abschied, Op. 29/6, Letzter Besuch, Der Schiffer, Stille der Nacht, Op. 25/4, Der Findling, Op. 30/3, Piano: Thême et Étude, Op. 45, 2 airs russes variés, Op. 17, 2 Romances sans paroles, Op. 41, Violin and Piano: Grand Duo Concertant sur "La Sémiramide" de Rossini (violin part probably by Charles-Auguste de Bériot [1802-1870]).

Catalogue Number: 06N046

Label: Querstand

Reference: VKJK 1213

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Celebrating Thalberg's bicentennial, this latest in Querstand's "Jubilee Edition" series gives us 32 minutes of lively, virtuosic piano pieces (this, of course, includes the Rossini Grand Duo where Bériot's violin part competes with Thalberg's piano on equal terms) but turns expectations upside-down with 47 minutes of melancholy songs, whose poems seem to have been chosen for their concentration on suffering, heartbreak, despair, loss and death - what could be more Romantic? German texts. Manja Raschka (mezzo), Felix Plock (baritone), Andreas Hartmann (violin), Stefan Burkhardt (piano).


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