MICHAEL COLGRASS (b.1932): Arctic Dreams, KAREL HUSA (b.1921): Divertimento for Brass and Percussion, JOSEPH TURRIN (b.1947): Scarecrow Overture, CINDY MCTEE (b.1953): Double Play, KATHRYN SALFELDER (b.1987): Crossing Parallels, EVAN HAUSE (b.1967): Tango Variatio

Catalogue Number: 06N080

Label: GIA

Reference: CD-872

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: The Turrin is a lively, tonal curtain-opener, adapted by the composer from his opera. McTee's is an eclectic blend of different idioms, taking its cue somewhat from Ives, with tonal material superimposed to create dissonance, and hints of jazz rhythms and harmonies; there is an ingenious evocation of ticking clocks and an exhilaratingly propulsive final section, all in a basically sumptuous tonal vocabulary. The Husa consists of four Czech folk-music inspired movements, the composer's central-European heritage rubbing shoulders with Copland and Bernstein - this is the composer's version: 02M092 contained a wind orchestra arrangement. Salfelder's work builds intriguing, rich harmonies based on the superimposition of conventions from as early as the Renaissance and as recently as the 20th century, with lively, motoric music and solemn, shifting chords, leading to an appealing Baroque/Renaissance pastiche, abruptly dismissed. Hause's Tango Variations is exactly what it says, a delightful and clever homage to the tango tradition. The Colgrass is a substantial suite or tone-poem, programmatically depicting aspects of the Arctic and life among the Inuit people, making use of evocative sounds and techniques (wind, voices, the cracking, thundering and howling sounds of the wild) as illustrative, pictorial gestures in what is basically a Romantically conceived, tonal idiom. North Texas Wind Symphony; Eugene Migliaro Corporon.


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