Australian Art Songs

ROY AGNEW (1891-1944): Beloved stoop down thro' the clinging dark, O moonlight deep and tender, Dirge, Sorrow, Infant joy, Dusk, Hie away, hie away, RAYMOND HANSON (1913-19576): 3 Songs, Op. 4, I dreamt that she sat by my head, Op. 3, Fallen veils, Op. 6, GEOFFREY ALLEN (b.1927): 2 Chinese Songs, Op. 1, Songs that mother never taught me, Op. 17, 2 Songs for a wedding, Op. 72, PAUL PAVIOUR (b.1931): The poet sings, MICHAEL BERTRAM (b.1935): Silence of the night.

Catalogue Number: 06N099

Label: Stone Records

Reference: 5060192780147

Format: CD

Price: $17.98

Description: Many of these composers were born in England and moved to Australia. The notes question what makes a composer Australian and decide that it's hard to tell, given that the influences of all these songs are English, ranging from Elgar and Delius to Quilter and Bridge. For collectors of English song, there's no need to hesitate. And who wouldn't want a song (by Allen, from his intriguingly titled op. 17) called "The Vampire's Lullaby"? Texts included. Lisa Harper-Brown (soprano), David Wickham (piano).


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