Brian - Two World Premiere Symphonies!

HAVERGAL BRIAN (1876-1972): Symphonies No. 22 "Symphonia brevis", No. 23 and No. 24, English Suite No. 1.

Catalogue Number: 06O008

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.572833

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: This trio of symphonies dates from 1964-65 and share a preoccupation with march-rhythms and the continual metamorphosis of small, germinal figures, along with Brian's other late-period characteristics of drastic compression, polyphony, dramatic changes of mood and orchestration which can change from loud and extremely dense to delicate, chamber-like textures within seconds. Nos. 23 and 24 are World Premiere Recordings. The 1905-06 English Suite, whose six movements (Characteristic March, Valse, Under the Beech Tree, Interlude, Hymn and Carnival) are vignettes of village life in turn-of-the-century Staffordshire, come from another, late-Romantic world entirely New Russia State Symphony Orchestra; Alexander Walker.


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