HENRY BARRAUD (1900-1997): 6 Impromptus for Piano, Mélodies: 3 lettres de Mme de Sévigné, 8 Chantefables, 3 poèmes de Pierre Reverdy, Chandon de Gramadoch, 4 mélodies.

Catalogue Number: 06O066

Label: Maguelone

Reference: MAG 111.178

Format: CD

Price: $16.98

Description: The Impromptus, lasting 18 minutes, date from 1941 when Barraud had escaped to southern France and the third seems to carry the weight of the French disaster while the others may carry a hint here or there of Ravel or Messiaen but, like the songs which make up the rest of the disc (ranging from the deeply lyrical Sévigné lettres to the playful, jazz-influenced Chantefables), are in the composer's personal style. Texts available on CD-R section of disc. Salomé Haller (soprano), Christophe Crapez (tenor), Didier Henry (baritone), Nicolas Kruger (piano). 2011 release.


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