NICOLAS FLAGELLO (1928-1994): Symphony No. 2 "Symphony of the Winds", Concerto sinfonico for Saxophone Quartet and Wind Orchestra (transcr. Merlin Patterson [b.1955]), Odyssey, Valse Noire for Saxophone Quartet (transcr. Walter Simmons [b.c.1948]), ARNOLD ROSNER (b.1945): Symphony No. 8 "Trinity".

Catalogue Number: 06O072

Label: Naxos

Reference: 8.573060

Format: CD

Price: $11.98

Description: The turbulent and emotional Romanticism of Flagello's music works just as well in an orchestra without any strings, as the 1970 symphony shows, whose title winds are at the headings of each movement: "of veiled portents", "of lonely contemplation" and "of rebirth and vitality". The other big work is the Concerto sinfonico (originally for sax quartet and orchestra); its atmosphere of anguish, agitation and dread must be associated with the psychological and physical breakdown Flagello was undergoing while writing this, his last work, in 1985. Rosner's 1988 symphony draws on archaic models and concerns meditative devotion and majestic mysticism. University of Houston Wind Ensemble; David Bertman.


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