HEINRICH VON HERZOGENBERG (1843-1900): Sacred Choral Music - Zur Adventszeit, Op. 81/1, Zur Epiphaniaszeit, Op. 81/2, Zur Passionszeit, Op. 81/3, Zum Totensonntag, Op. 92, 4 Motteten, Op. 103.

Catalogue Number: 06P044

Label: Carus

Reference: 83.408

Format: CD

Price: $18.98

Description: Although he was a practicing Catholic, Herzogenberg didn't write any specific liturgically-based music until 1893 and then for a Protestant church in Strasbourg at the suggestion of theology professor Friedrich Spitta (brother of the composer's friend and famous Bach scholar Philipp). The motet cycle for Totensonntag dates from 1895 and was done for the newly-built Lutherkirche in Leipzig while the motets of 1898 return the composer to the circle of his lifelong friend Brahms who probably inspired them with his own late collections of motets. German-English texts. ensemble cantissimo; Markus Utz.


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